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                      Sawdust Dryer Machine

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                      Sawdust Dryer Machine

                      Product name:Sawdust Dryer Machine

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                      Product overview

                      We have produced sawdust dryer machine, and sawdust drying machine can drying sawdust, bagasse and some other biomass materials, our sawdust dryer machine for sale to over seas is loved and received w...

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                      Sawdust Dryer Machine

                      Sawdust Dryer Machine

                      Product description

                      Sawdust Drying Machine

                      After wood crushed, we can use a series of machines for extrusion or pressing sawdust, but in order to have better pressing effect, we need to use our sawdust dryer machine to dry sawdust. Our sawdust drying machine belongs to indirect dryer, which has good drying effect and guarantees the quality after drying, sawdust dryer machine for sale to over seas is loved and received widely praise.

                      Working principle

                      Sawdust Dryer Machine
                      Our sawdust drying machine to indirect rotary dryer, when drying. The hot air enters the drying drum from the heater under the traction of air. In the rotation of the cylinder, the sawdust is fully contacted with the hot air to achieve better drying effect. This sawdust dryer machine is suitable for drying flammable materials such as sawdust and straw. The indirect dryer can avoid direct contact between heat source and materials and ensure the quality of materials.


                      Drying Effect of Sawdust Drying Machine

                      Drying effect

                      Drying Effect of Sawdust Dryer Machine

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                      Machines features

                      Details of Sawdust Drying Machine
                      1.Our sawdust drying machine can effectively avoid sawdust contamination and carbonization.
                      2.Our sawdust dryer machine have high output, and machines are energy saving and environmental protection
                      3.The overall thermal insulation efficiency is as high as 70%, and the thermal efficiency is increased by 35%.

                      Product line

                      Product Line of Sawdust Dryer Machine
                      Before sawdust briquetting and extruding, the first step is crush, wood will crush into sawdust, and then we need to use our sawdust dryer machine to dry the crushed sawdust, and then dried sawdust can use our different machines for pressing. They can extrude by sawdust extruder machine, briquetted sawdust rods can be used for combustion. They also can extrude by sawdust pellet machine, or add some charcoal powder or coal powder briquetted by sawdust briquette machine. And the finished products can be carbonized by different carbonization furnace to used as raw material for combustion.

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